President Donald Trump Blasts Emmanuel Macron Over ‘Brain Dead’ Nato Remarks

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President Donald Trump has lashed out at French President Emmanuel Macron on the NATO meeting in London after Macron had tried to galvanize the agenda for the summit in London, calling the 70-year western alliance “brain dead.”

President Trump said that the French president’s description of Nato as brain dead was insulting and a “very, very nasty statement”. President Trump also said The US pays the most to NATO and benefits the least, while ‘France needs NATO the most of everyone’. Trump attributes Macron’s statements to internal French problems. “They are scratchy statements when you have problems at home when your economy is not running and you have to deal with yellow shirts. Nor did the President have a good word to say about the taxes that France wants to introduce for American companies. President Trump added, “nobody takes advantage of American companies!” The EU also received a strong warning on a military and economic level as President Trump said, The ‘EU treats us unfairly in terms of trade’ and ‘it is better to start behaving well, otherwise it will be very difficult’.

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