Matteo Salvini

Italy’s Right-Wing Party’s Salvini, Who Is On Trial Because He Refused to let 131 Migrants in, Said: “If I have to Go to Jail for Defending an Idea, I’ll go with my Head Held High.”

The leader of Italy’s right-wing League party, and proud nationalist Matteo Salvini, has asked to be put on trial over his handling of migrants at sea last year when he was interior minister in the previous government.

Trump's lawyer

Trump’s legal team Issued Their First Formal Response: ‘Impeachment Charges Are a “Dangerous Attack” on Our Democracy.

Before opening statements in the impeachment trial will begin next week, President Donald Trump’s powerhouse legal team issued their first formal response to the impeachment charges against him, describing them as a “dangerous attack” on our democracy.

DOJ Slams Latest Hoax By Democrats: Lev Parnas' claims are "100% Fake"

DOJ Slams Latest Hoax By Democrats: Lev Parnas’ claims are “100% Fake”

Rachel Maddow’s latest guest, Lev Parnas, was THE one to finally take out President Trump. Lev Parnas released documents claiming to show “evidence” that Rudy Giuliani ordered him to call Ukrainian President Zelensky and tell him the military aid promised, will not be released until the Ukraine opened an investigation into Joe Biden and his son Hunter.