Resident Evil 2 Sunset mode in PUBG Mobile

Coming Soon: New Resident Evil 2 Sunset mode in PUBG Mobile is all about fighting zombies

Players of the immensely popular PUBG Mobile game will soon have to deal with new enemies in the form of zombies. For that is precisely what the upcoming update will be introducing to the game. According to information currently available, update 0.11.0 will start rolling out to users worldwide and will include several new features.

However, the most exciting of them all will no doubt be the new zombie mode that has been named the Resident Evil 2 Sunset mode.

Tencent Games, maker of the PUBG Mobile game also said there is a beta version of the update also available. So if you are among the million others out there who can’t wait for the final update to start rolling out can always opt for the beta version right away.

You are being forewarned though, there is going to be waves after waves of zombie attacks baying for your blood. Also, each attack will be larger than the preceding one and will include Resident Evil 2 bosses as well.

Also, it’s not only the zombies but the competitors too that you will need to watch out for as they too will be just as eager to have you eliminated as the zombies.

In fact, it can be quite an ask to keep an eye on the competitors while resisting the zombie attacks and keeping your avatars safe. Fortunately, you will have enough firepower at your disposal to take on the zombies effectively. And the supplies are good too, which means there isn’t much of a chance of the zombies getting the better of you if you are careful enough.

That is not all as you also get new supplies and ammo after you have killed a Resident Evil 2 boss that accompanies each wave of zombie attacks. This again will only enhance your power to take on the next zombie attack more effectively.

On the whole, the new PUBG Mobile Resident Evil 2 Sunset mode takes the excitement to an entirely new level even though its available right now in only the Erangel Map. That again is a temporary setting, and it should just be a matter of time before the mode makes it to other maps as well.

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