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Google adds new measures to detect account hacks

An American multinational technology company – Google has announced two new measures to make your account hack-proof or to take remedial measures in the unfortunate scenario of your account indeed getting hacked. Interestingly, the new “Cross Account Protection” feature and the “Password Checkup Chrome” extension has been released on the occasion of Safer Internet Day.

Coming to the Password Checkup feature, this is something that you will need to download from the Chrome Web Store for it to take effect. It’s working is simple though. Google has acquired a massive collection of 4 billion account details that have been hacked in the past.

Now, with the Password Checkup extension installed, it will match your username and password with the hacked account details to see if your account has already been compromised. If there is a match, there, of course, will be a prompt intimation for you to change your login credentials immediately.

Google introduces new measure to detect account hacks

The working principle is simple though it’s good to see Google is nonetheless doing its bit to make our accounts safer. In any case, it also is a one-time process so that an account once cleared has not only passed the safety test, and you can be assured it has remained out of bound of the hackers so far.

This is applicable unless of course your account has been hacked post the period Google has the dump of compromised login details for.

Meanwhile, there also is the Cross Account Protection feature as well which ensures all third-party apps and websites where you have used your Google account details to login are safe too.

The feature works by informing such apps and websites in case your main Google account has been compromised. This way, you will know when to have your login details changed to prevent data loss.

Google said the Cross Account Protection feature has been developed with Adobe, Internet Engineering Task Force and Open ID Foundation and will provide for complete all-around protection against malicious login attempts.

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