Samsung Galalxy S9+ gets cheaper ahead of Galaxy S10 launch in India

Those out to buy a premium smartphone in India are in for a nice surprise; Samsung has just announced a massive price cut on the Galaxy S9+ range in the country. The price adjustment is to the tune of up to Rs. 8,000 for the base S9+ with 64 GB of storage. The smartphone was priced Rs. 64,990 when launched.

Similarly, the 128 GB model of Samsung Galaxy S9+ is now priced at Rs. 61,900, which again is Rs. 7,000 less than the Rs. 68,990 that it was launched for. The same applies to the top-end model with 256 GB of storage that can now be picked up for Rs. 65,900, down Rs. 8,000 from the Rs. 72,990 launch price of the phone.

No points for guessing the above has been done to make way for the new Samsung Galaxy S10 due for launch on February 20. Samsung has already announced an unpacked event on that day at San Francisco for the same. Though not officially confirmed so far, Samsung is expected to launch at least three variants of the flagship phone this time round.

Those likely will be the usual duo of Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus though there is also the S10 E slated for launch this time. Also, the Galaxy S10 E will serve as the entry level model and will help Samsung expand its flagship range to a wider market segment than would have been possible with just two models of the phone.

The new S10 will also be interesting given that it would be the first from Samsung to feature a true edge-to-edge display. The display comes with a punch hole gap to accommodate the front selfie cam which means there is isn’t a notch at the top. The side bezels are non-existent while the chin at the bottom too is at its thinnest.

Samsung Galalxy S9+

Looks apart, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is also rumored to feature Wi-Fi 6, which happens to be among the fastest wireless Internet communication standards available at the moment. That again might seem mouthful of a tech jargon though the reality is, there unlikely will be a huge gain in Internet speed right away since there is also the need to have a Wi-Fi 6 router for that. And Wi-Fi 6 routers are yet to proliferate the market in a big way so far.

In any case, it’s good to see Samsung packing in the device with all the latest in tech that also makes the Samsung Galaxy S10 more future-ready. Needless to say all of it also satiates our desire to comes across the real thing though we got to wait till Feb. 20 for that.

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