Kamala Harris Steps Out ´There’s Not Enough money´

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Kamala Harris suspended her presidential run on Tuesday. She announced the news herself on Twitter. In an e-mail to her supporters she stated that there was ´simply not enough money.´ Kamala stepping out of the race probably has more to do with campaign in-fighting and an inability to sustain support from vital Democratic voting blocs, particularly African Americans. The Senator for the state of California started her campaign in January. She was seen by the Democrats as a rising star at the beginning of her campaign, representing the more youthful and diverse voters. Her confrontations with President Trump propelled her to national acclaim, which caused her campaign to launch.

Harris announced that she would be leaving the race “with great regret but also with deep gratitude”. But let me be clear: I keep fighting every day for what this campaign stood for: justice for the people. All people”.

President Donald Trump tweeted: ´Too bad. We will miss you Kamala!´

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