How To Take Better Photos With iPhone

How To Take Better Photos With iPhone

The iPhone has one of the best camera systems available on the market right now and if you have one you probably take it with you everywhere and you probably take pictures. So, here are a few tips on how to take better photos with your iPhone now for up it doesn’t really apply just to the iPhone, it works with pretty much every camera and that is “composition.” So, the first of is the rule of thirds.

1. Rule of Thirds:

This is one of the important composition rules and it is a pretty easy one to implement because you iPhone actually has a tool built right in. So, if you go to Settings → Then you go to the Camera → Next, you turn on Grid → Now, go back to the camera app. You will now see that there is a grid on your screen.

So, using the rule of thirds as simple the idea is that instead of putting your subject right in the middle of the frame all the time, which you might do try to move the subject to one side of the frame or the other. The grid on the screen that you just turned on, it helps you guide where to put things. If you look where those lines intersect and you put your subject there that is using the rule of thirds (See the image shown below).

Rule of Thirds

Doing this will give the image much more interest and pull you back into the photo and it makes it more than just a snapshot.

2. Don’t Use Zoom:

Now another tip is to move around. The iPhone has only one lens and the digital zoom is horrible so you shouldn’t use that but instead what you should do is moved to the subject. It is very easy to just stand in one place and try to get the picture but that doesn’t always produce the result you want. So, if something is far away, turn to move closer and if it is higher up, try to get higher.

Don’t Use Zoom

This is the easiest way to not only get better photos but become a better photographer at the same time. They will teach you how to compose your shot.

3. Use Panorama Mode:

Now, if you have moved already in the setup of your shot you want but you just can’t get everything in frame try using the Panorama Mode. You don’t have to sweep all the way across but just doing that a little bit to fit everything in frames will make sure that you get to shot you want.

Use Panorama Mode

4. Use HDR:

Now besides those basic photography composition tips, there are tools built right into the camera app that let you get the most out of your iPhone. So first of, use HDR. Turning it on Auto will make sure that HDR will be used if needed. What this does is allow the really bright spots in a picture like a sky and the really dark spots like shadows it allows them to have more detail. [See Image Below]


In a normal picture, what kind of average everything in the shot into one bright image but each dark and multiple exposures so basically take multiple pictures and makes the, into one image and then allows you to have a much more detail all about the picture. So, putting in Auto will give you the advantage when you need it.

5. Tap to Focus:

The yellow box that pops up on your screen when you are taking a picture is actually the most powerful tool in the app this allows you to tap anywhere in the screen and have that part on focus and be properly exposed.

So, for instance, if you have a subject that really brightens close up and you want to make sure that it looks good if you tap on it that yellow box will appear around it and it will set the focus and expose itself based on where you tap. So now that really brighten close image will be sharp and it won’t be too bright or too dark.

 6. Exposure Compensation:

Now this works pretty well most of the time but sometimes the image can still look too darker or too bright well you can fix this too. If you tap and drag on the screen you’ll be able to change the exposure. You can go up for brighter and down for darker. And this is where you decide exactly how brighter how darker you want the image to be.

Exposure Compensation

7. AE/AF Lock:

And also, with this yellow box if you have everything set the way you want to you don’t want it to change no matter what if you hold down on it, it will lock down itself and make sure that nothing changes.

AE/AF Lock

Overall this feature will give you the and most control over everything in your picture and is the most important one to remember one looking to get better of photos.

8. Don’t Use Flash:

Now finally after all these tips, the last one is to turn off your flash. For about 99% of the time that you want to take a photo, the flash is only going to make it worse. Using the tips mentioned will hope you get that nicer brighter image without using the flash. Now if it’s really dark outsider wherever you are and that’s the only way to get the image then OK turned it on but other than that turn to limit the flash to when you’re looking for something to drop.

Don’t Use Flash

So, those are some tips on how to take better photos with just your iPhone following these will give the most consistent photos that look great. So, let us know down below with the comments and if you have any tips for taking better pictures with your iPhone.

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