Top 10 Most Popular Best Smartphone Games of 2018

Top 10 Most Popular Best Smartphone Games of 2018

2018 is coming to an end and this year was a great year for smartphone gaming. We got to see various gaming smartphones and some amazing smartphone games, like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Asphalt 9 and more. Well, its time we tell you the best smartphone games of 2018.

Best Smartphone Games of 2018 – Android & iOS

Today, we will take a look at the best Android and iOS smartphone games that launched in 2018 including best action games, best multiplayer games, best casual games and more.


PUBG Mobile is the most popular and by far the best smartphone game of 2018. It is so popular that I don’t even need to tell you what it is about. I mean smartphone brands are launching the phone with features targeted at PUBG players. Gaming companies are launching PUBG branded peripherals and what not. I don’t think I need to tell you what an awesome game this is. The graphics are great, the game-play is unbelievably awesome, and I like the new maps they keep bring now and then like new Sanhok map and the new Vikindi map. Look you can’t get enough of PUBG Mobile.


Fortnite is another battle royale game that has been taking the world by storm. The game didn’t quite make it in India maybe because of PUBG or perhaps because of its Android issues. But it has been a worldwide phenomenon thanks to its cartoonish graphics and the fact that epic updates it very often. So, there is always fresh content to check out in the game.

The concept is the same as PUBG Mobile. You have to be the last man standing. However, Fortnite adds a building mechanism to the game, which makes it very different from PUBG and also adds another very complex layer of strategy in the game.

3. ASPHALT 9: Legends – 2019’s Action Car Racing Game

Asphalt 9 came out this year too, and it took the world by storm. And for a good reason, I mean if you’re looking for a fun racing game that will keep you occupied for months on it – Asphalt 9 is the perfect game. It has everything – high-end cars, bad-ass stunts, and too much of nitro. I love playing Asphalt now and then especially multiplayer mode which always has challenges and new cars to unlock. It’s just amazing plus it comes with a bunch of controls of every level of player. So yeah, this is the game you should check out.


I’m pretty sure you have heard of Alto’s Adventure. Well, this year, we got Alto’s Odyssey, and it is fantastic. Instead of snowboarding, we are now on sand dunes, but the aesthetics of the game are still the same. You glide across the beautiful breath-taking landscape with excellent sound. Users can do stunts in the air and get combo points, unlock more characters by completing missions and even though the game doesn’t have an ending, it’s one of my favorite games play whenever I take a short break. It’s completely free on Android, but there are ads. And on iOS, you’ll have to play around $5.


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is the perfect game to play when you are just chilling out and looking for an adventure. Everything about this game is excellent. The controls are easy for a touchscreen, the graphics are cartoonish, but they are perfect for the game. You will play as Noctis – a price and you take an awesome adventure with your friends. I loved this game and you too will. The game is free to download, but you can only play the first episode before you have to pay for it.


Dragon Ball Legends is the fighting game for fans of the Dragon Ball. The game is also ridiculously fun to play. It’s a Dragon Ball game, so there are some intense fight sequences here. And you can also use incredible supersonic powers to take out your enemies with ease. The game also has a backstory that will be following along as you battle your enemy. Graphics are good here, but what I like about this game is the simple fact that the animations here are damn good. And if you are a fan of Dragon Ball, this is the game you can’t afford to miss.


I have never really been a huge fan of cricket games on smartphones, but Real Cricket 18 is one of the best cricket games I’ve ever played. What I liked about the game is that it is extensive and detailed. There are options as Quick Match, Test Match and there are various tournaments like World Cricket Championships including the World Cup, Asia Cup, Champions Cup, Under 19 World Cup and Premier Leagues including the Indian Premier League, Bangladesh Premier League, Pakistan Super League, and many more. Plus, there is a wide selection of teams to choose from.

Now coming to the gameplay, the controls are, and the graphics look nice with authentic stadiums and excellent commentary. There is just so much in this game that I can’t possibly talk about it all. Anyway, if you have always wanted to play cricket games, then you should check it out.

8. ORBIA: Tap and Relax

Orbia is one of the best casual games I have played this year. Its Google Play Store listing says “Tap and Relax” and that pretty much sums up the game. It’s a minimalistic and colorful game where you need to tap at the right time to make sure you overcome obstacles and move forward. So yes, it looks like a pretty simple game, but it gets pretty complicated later on.

Additionally, thanks to the hundreds of levels all of which have different visual styles, unique skins, bonuses and more. The game gets really addicted. Its quite a lot of fun try it out.


The first Pako game is one of my favorite car chase games of all time. And this year PAKO Forever arrived and its even better. The game still uses the low-quality graphics from the original PAKO game but this time around there are a bunch of new things here. It is really a lot of fun, and it is also really challenging. Like the first PAKO game, there are different cars to choose from some of which are really cool. You should check out PAKO Forever.


Bruce Lee Dragon Run is a fun little casual game that a lot of you guys like. I know people associate Bruce Lee with action and there is no action in this game but its quite fun to play. In the game, you play as the legend Bruce Lee, and you are on the ground where you face various obstacles, fireballs, ninja attacks and a lot more. It is a simple game, and I like how the game shows you up a quote from Bruce Lee at the end of every game which is an excellent way to keep the Bruce Lee legacy going.

Bruce Lee Dragon Run

Upcoming Game: Call of Duty: Legends Of War

Those were the best games of 2018. But there is one game that hasn’t arrived yet globally. But I think it will take the world by storm. I am talking about Call of Duty: Legends Of War which right now is only available in Australia.

I haven’t played the game yet but from the looks, it seems like an exhilarating game, and it might be one of the best game when it launches globally. So yeah, definitely waiting for that one to come up.

Those were the best smartphone games of 2018. All of these game is available on Android and iOS. So which is your favorite game? Let us know in the comments down below. Also, do share this article and share it with your gamer friends.

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