Donald Trump Makes His First Debut at a UFC fight and Receives Massive Support and Some Boos

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It was the first UFC-event where President Trump was present. President Trump actually wanted to come to a McGregor fight the day after his election in 2016, but this seemed unwise to him in the end. Mazdival didn’t want to go political, but had nothing but love for Trump, probably because the UFC owes its existence to Trump.

“No matter what your views are on Trump as president, the guys’s a bad motherfucker man. The money that he’s made, the obstacles that he’s conquered. He’s a bad motherfucker in his own way you know.”

It wasn’t an official title fight, but UFC president Dana White created a “Baddest Motherfucker Belt” especially for the occasion. And that’s a problem, because nobody is allowed to say ‘fuck’ or ‘fucker’, so the referee announces that the fight is about “who’s the baddest motherf’er here”.

Masvidal seemed to dominate the fight for the first three rounds. Diaz is an endurance fighter who prefers to peak in rounds four and five. He didn’t get that chance because the doctor of the New York State Athletic Commission forbade Diaz to continue fighting just before the start of the fourth round.

The cut above his left eyebrow was too serious. A TKO win for Masvidal. Diaz obviously wanted to continue, and everyone was angry at the doctor.

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