Dai Davies Says Prince Andrew ‘Has to Face 20 Key Questions’ on Epstein ‘Sex Slave’ Scandal

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Dai Davies, the man who was in charge of guarding the Royals worldwide in the 1990s, told ITV’s that Prince Andrew must offer to be questioned by the FBI as part of their Epstein investigation. He specifically said the Prince has to face 20 key questions regarding his relationships with Jeffrey Epstein and ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts. Prince Andrew denies claims that Epstein’s ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts was forced to have sex with him three times in London, New York and the US Virgin Islands in 2001.

Ghislaine Maxwell, who reportedly worked for Jeffrey Epstein as a sex trafficker, responsible for the daily supply of “masseuses”, knew very well that Virginia Roberts was only a minor 17 years at the time she was with Prince Andrew. The former head of royal protection implied that one of Prince Andrew´s staff must have been aware of the Prince´s behavior, saying “somebody must know whether this is true or not true.”

The full Jeffrey Epstein’s Victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre BBC Panorama Interview.

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